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Discard the Mascara, Get Eyelash Extensions from Aimee Engler

Save yourself the daily hassle of applying mascara to enhance your lashes, which can clump and run, by scheduling a visit with Lashes 2 Lacquer in Los Angeles. I specialize in eyelash extensions and hair blowouts. Come to me for the beauty services you deserve.

Eyelash Extensions

Extensions give you long, luxurious lashes that eliminate the need to use mascara. This service is ideal for everyone from the average girl who wants to keep her gorgeous style to the bride who wants to jazz up her look for her special day. Eyelash extensions are for everyone. I offer top-quality brands of silk or mink lashes. Synthetic silk lashes are shinier than mink, which are lightweight and softer in color.

Beautiful Eyelash Extension


Things To Note

Make sure your face is fresh and free of mascara for a better bond. The medical-grade adhesive used does not contain formaldehyde and comes in the following strengths:

• Sensitive — For Clients With Allergies Or Sensitivity
• Extra Strength — Most Commonly Used
• XX Strength — Lasts Longer Than Other Strengths, Costs an Additional $20

Eyelash Rates

The application of a full set of eyelashes takes about an hour and a half. For a fill, where a customer comes back for a refresher, it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to apply. Rates are as follows:

• Silk Lash Full Set — $80
• Silk & Mink Mix / Full Set — $90

• Mink Lash Full Set — $95
• Silk Lash Fill — $55
• Silk & Mink Mix Lash Fill — $60
• Mink Lash Fill — $65

• Eyelash Extension House-Call Service — $250
*To be considered a Fill, there must be at least 50% of the eyelashes remaining.

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